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Only by making a choice, you will know what you have chosen

The authentic representatives of different religious movements briefly answer humanity’s global questions. Choose an answer based on your first thoughts and reaction. Don’t try to identify and guess the worldview, religion or movement straight away. Once you have made your choice, you will be shortly advised of the outcome.


Choose an important question for you:

Foreign yoga

Gymnastics or something more?

Total: 416Thelema: 117


Collective destiny

One for all?

Total: 417Thelema: 94


Animal tests

Is it necessary cruelty?

Total: 417Thelema: 81


Homeland or faith

What to do if they conflict?

Total: 417Thelema: 150



Growing pains or betrayal?

Total: 417Thelema: 103


To hide one’s views

Am I not myself?

Total: 418Buddhism: 72


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Here the members of the public, scholars and scientists discuss your choices. Thanks to them you can find out why you made this or that choice, what it means and how it may turn to you.

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