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About this project

“Izm.” is an ideologically neutral project. It is not grounded in any specific religious or ideological movement. This project is non-commercial and is not established or controlled by any religious or ideological movement.

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Izm. has three main goals:

  • A social purpose is to develop inter-ethnic and interconfessional relations, consolidate society round moral reference points and positive programs of spiritual development, to strengthen the unity of multicultural society.
  • A research purpose is to identify and measure true philosophical, value, and moral people’s preferences, to create an accurate reflection of such preferences, so that it will be accessible to analyze from the side of scientific community, public associations, and state organizations.
  • A educational purpose is to attract people’s attention to the sphere of high ideals and values, to give them the undistorted information about possible answers to philosophical and moral questions, and also about different spiritual movements in the modern world.

How it works

The authentic representatives of different religious movements briefly answer humanity’s global questions, bringing out their own worldviews.
Choose an answer based on your first thoughts and reaction. Don’t try to identify and guess the worldview, religion or movement straight away. Once you have made your choice, you will be shortly advised of the outcome.

Our work group

Author of the idea

Tikhonravov Yuriy

PhD in Philosophy, director of the Study and Development of Cross-Cultural Relations Center

Project coordinator

Scherbak Sergey

religious scholar, cultural researcher, lecturer of modern Religious and Cultural Studies

Deputy director

Kuropatkina Oksana

PhD in Cultural Studies, religious scholar, lecturer of modern Protestantism and religious factor in economics and politics

Project consultant

Ivanenko Sergey

religious scholar, Doctor of Letters, author of various monographies and publication on Religious studies

Project consultant

Lopatkin Remir

religious scholar, PhD in Philosophy, Chairman of the Research Committee on the Sociology of Religion of the Russian Society of Sociologists

Project consultant

Pchelintsev Anatoliy

legal scholar, Doctor of Laws, professor, Chief Editor of the “Religion and Law” journal

Project consultant

Sebentsov Andrey

religious scholar, PhD in Philosophy, (1st Class) Full State Counsellor of the Russian Federation